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Caricatures, Cartuns, Charges, Paintings, Poems, among other things… Valley everything! Later it is alone to send stops:
format: A4 - 300 DPi - JPEG
its work will be part of this gallery of art.
does not forget to send link of its page in the Internet.

Jorge Barreto began his professional career in 1983, making cartoons for humor magazines. He worked at the studio of Mauricio de Sousa as a scriptwriter and animator, and has drawn for publications and publishers like TV Alterosa, Jornal Folha da Cidade, Jornal Cidade, O pasquim, Charge Online, Virgo, Jornal da Parahyba, O Cometa Itabirano, Ondas, Globo, Abril, Azul, Trasmontano, Goodyear, Nova Cultural, Revistas Turma da Mônica, Jornal do Brás, Escala, Seqüência,Phenix, Nova Sampa, Speedo, Leite Paulista, Ecco de Tua Madre, Portal Notícias, Imesp, KidNews, Vizie Magazine, Bérénice, Espaço Poético, MidNight, O radar, Papirolas, O Capital and others. He is part of an Italian art group, and regularly publishes his art and cartoons on websites.

FAIT AU BLOG "Je caricature"
Jorge Barreto est un vieil ami, le dessinateur de longue date, animateur, dessinateur et artiste comique. Frère du Vert et dessinateurs Airon, a participé à plusieurs livres brésiliens de bandes dessinées et dessins animés, et l'humour et salles d'exposition.

Ses œuvres peuvent être vues sur le blog:

Publication qui a réussi en 90 ans,
Ninja par l'éditeur et la rédaction Phenix, et une grande équipe de dessinateurs: Tony Fernandes Decius Ramirez, Orlando Alves Alexandre Timonti Silvio Spotti, Alexandre Dias Wanderley Felipe Antonio Succex, Jorge Barreto, Carlos cacuri, Oberlan George Capelli, Salathiel Hollande, Lira Gilvan Roberto Guedes, Dal, Wilson Borges et d'autres humourists.