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7:50 PM

Baloo News!

Posted by Baloo

I send these updates out from time to time to my list of fans. If you want your e-mail address added, contact me at rmay@mac.com

Hi, all!

The big news this month is that I've now passed the 12,000-cartoon mark at CartoonStock! Go here:

Also, you can go to
to see three different cartoons every day, and there are links on that page to 13 other daily cartoons by category, and my other cartoon blogs. Click around and you'll find some interesting stuff.

Daily brand-new political cartoons are at:

And daily non-politicals at:

Just about any Baloo cartoon you've ever seen is available on a wide variety of products at Zazzle:

Use the "Search this Store" to enter keywords to find what you want. Word's like "Obama," "conservative," "libertarian," "politics," etc.

If you would like a particular Baloo cartoon on a t-shirt or whatever but can't find it, contact me at
and i'll prepare it for you.

Here's a very popular design:
You can find her here:

More news as it happen.


Rex May


Elaine Crespo said...

Oi Gente!

Amo muito o blog!
Adoro os cartoon, são todos perfeitos!
Passo horas me divertindo!


Meus beijos,